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Revitalize Your New Orleans Business Exterior with Patio Covers

In the vibrant city of New Orleans, where outdoor spaces are as much a part of the culture as jazz and jambalaya, enhancing commercial patios has become essential. TurnKey Fences emerges as a leader in this arena, offering top-tier commercial patio covers that not only elevate aesthetics but also provide practical benefits.

Our commitment to quality ensures that every project reflects the unique charm and functionality necessary for New Orleans’ bustling business environments. Whether it’s a quaint café courtyard or a sprawling hotel terrace, TurnKey Fences delivers solutions that stand out in The Big Easy’s diverse landscape. 

Ready to transform your outdoor space? Contact TurnKey Fences today to elevate your commercial patio with our premium commercial services. Let’s create an atmosphere that stands out in New Orleans’ bustling business landscape.

Enhancing Business Exteriors

More than mere shade providers, our commercial patio covers in New Orleans redefine outdoor spaces. Crafted with precision to fit any commercial setting, these custom covers seamlessly blend aesthetic allure with practical functionality.

Custom Covers

new orleans commercial patio coverCommercial patio covers in New Orleans offer more than just shade. They are tailor-made to fit any commercial space. This customization enhances both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of outdoor areas. Businesses can use these covers as unique branding opportunities.

By integrating logos or brand colors, companies make their spaces distinctive. This not only attracts attention but also strengthens brand identity. Think of a café with its logo elegantly displayed on a sleek, modern cover. It’s inviting and memorable.

Quality Craftsmanship

In New Orleans, the weather can be unpredictable. That’s why commercial patio covers are made from durable materials resistant to local conditions. These materials ensure longevity and require minimal maintenance.

Craftsmanship focuses on precision construction for a perfect fit every time. A well-fitted cover withstands wind and rain better, protecting your investment longer. Consider how this durability saves businesses money over time by reducing repair or replacement costs.

Design Options

The design options for commercial patio covers in New Orleans are vast:

  • A wide range of colors, materials, and styles.
  • Customization to match business branding.
  • Innovative designs that blend seamlessly with architectural elements.

Businesses aren’t limited to standard designs; they can choose features that best represent their brand and enhance their exterior space’s overall look.

Benefits of Patio Covers

In the lively city of New Orleans, commercial patio covers are more than just structures; they serve as gateways to enriched outdoor experiences. Here are the benefits that these covers offer to businesses and patrons alike.

Outdoor Living Space

Commercial patio covers in New Orleans offer significant advantages. They expand usable space for customers. This means more room for tables, chairs, and walking areas. Businesses can serve more people at once.

Patio covers create comfortable seating areas regardless of the weather. Rain or shine, customers can enjoy the outdoors. This enhances customer experience and satisfaction greatly.

Exterior Decor

Patio covers complement a building’s exterior aesthetics beautifully. They add value and curb appeal to any property. This is crucial for businesses looking to stand out.

The design choices reflect a business’s identity. From sleek modern designs to rustic charm, there’s a patio cover to match every style.

Business Enhancement

Installing commercial patio covers increases visibility and attracts more foot traffic. People are drawn to inviting outdoor spaces.

They also provide additional advertising space. Businesses can use this area to promote specials or events creatively. Boosting the overall business image and perceived value is another key benefit.

Design and Material Options

Choosing the right patio cover involves considering both design aesthetics and material durability. Let’s explore some popular options:

Material Choices


Aluminum patio covers are popular in New Orleans because they’re light but strong, perfect for outdoor use. They don’t rust, which is great for the humid weather, and their modern design lets businesses make unique outdoor spaces.


commercial patio cover new orleansGlass patio covers add style and let in lots of natural light, protecting against weather at the same time. They’re perfect for fancy places wanting to look even better. They’re easy to clean and allow clear views, so guests can fully enjoy the view around them.

Design Varieties


Retractable patio covers offer unparalleled flexibility for businesses in New Orleans. Owners can choose whether they want their outdoor spaces covered or open, depending on the weather or event needs. Many retractable models come with motorized options, simplifying adjustments with just a button press. This versatility makes them ideal for venues that host various events requiring different settings.


For those looking to combat New Orleans’ heat without sacrificing style, insulated patio covers are a smart choice. They cut down on heat, making outdoor eating or chilling spots cooler and nicer for customers. Plus, these energy-saving designs can also decrease cooling expenses in the hot summer.

Weather Considerations

When choosing a patio cover, it’s essential to consider the prevailing weather conditions to ensure longevity and functionality. Here’s how weather factors into the decision-making process:

Designed for NOLA

Commercial patio covers in New Orleans must endure specific local weather challenges. In areas facing hurricanes, high humidity, and salt air from the Gulf, manufacturers use durable materials like aluminum or treated wood. These materials are chosen for their ability to resist rust and decay, ensuring longevity.

The styles of these patio covers often reflect New Orleans’ rich architectural history. You can choose designs that look like the fancy ironwork from the French Quarter or big porches like those in the Garden District. These styles protect against the weather and make your property look better.

Versatile Flat Pan

The flat pan design is a favorite among commercial establishments for several reasons. Its sleek, minimalist appearance fits well with almost any architectural style, making it a versatile choice for businesses across New Orleans. Whether attached to a historic Creole cottage or a modern office building, flat pan covers seamlessly integrate with existing structures.

Besides aesthetics, flat pan patio covers are cost-effective without compromising on quality. They offer robust protection against sun and rain while being relatively easy to install compared to more complex designs. This makes them an ideal option for businesses looking to expand their outdoor seating area without breaking the bank.

Our New Orleans Patio Cover Installation Process

Installing a patio cover involves several straightforward steps to ensure durability and functionality. At TurnKey Fences, we are blending precision with creativity to seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics into your outdoor space.

Quality Installation

We handle the installation of commercial patio covers in New Orleans. We have local expertise. This ensures the job meets city regulations. Safety is a top priority during installation.

The process is completed on time, with great attention to detail. This follows from weather considerations discussed earlier. Proper installation withstands harsh weather conditions.

Screened Enclosures

Screened enclosures offer benefits for outdoor spaces in New Orleans.

  • Keeps out insects while allowing airflow.
  • Adds security.
  • Customizable to any business aesthetic.

These enclosures complement the durability of patio covers against weather elements. They enhance comfort and safety for patrons enjoying outdoor areas.

Decorative Elements of Commercial Patio Covers

Commercial patio covers serve not only a functional purpose but also contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Here are some decorative elements commonly incorporated into commercial patio covers:


new orleans patio coverDecorative touches can transform a commercial patio cover in New Orleans from functional to fabulous. Postcaps and scrollwork add an elegant flair. These details do not just beautify the space but also reflect your brand’s identity. Customizable options allow for unique expressions that resonate with visitors.

Functional additions like lighting are not merely aesthetic; they extend the usability of outdoor spaces into the evening. This means more time for customers to enjoy their surroundings, making these embellishments both beautiful and practical.

Captivating Designs

Architecturally inspired patio covers can serve as stunning focal points for any commercial space in New Orleans. The use of innovative materials and shapes allows businesses to stand out in a crowded market. Such designs are not only visually appealing but also create memorable customer experiences.

The goal is often to craft an atmosphere that encourages guests to linger and return. By incorporating captivating designs, establishments can achieve this effect effortlessly. These structures become more than just shelter; they’re conversation starters and key elements in creating a positive impression on patrons.

Commercial Awnings and Covers

Commercial awnings and covers serve multiple purposes beyond mere protection from the elements. They are key architectural elements that contribute to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of commercial spaces. Here are some aspects to consider when discussing commercial awnings and covers:

Awnings for Business

Awnings serve as a practical solution for businesses. They protect storefronts from harsh sun and rain. This keeps customers comfortable. Businesses can also use awning fabric for signage, making them visible from afar.

There are two main types of awnings: retractable and fixed. Retractable awnings offer flexibility. They can be extended or retracted based on the weather. Fixed designs provide constant protection and require less maintenance.

Deck Covers

Deck covers are essential in extending the life of wooden decks. They shield decks from rain, snow, and sun damage. This preservation means fewer repairs over time.

Moreover, deck covers create additional outdoor seating space usable year-round. Whether it’s a sunny summer day or a chilly winter evening, these spaces remain inviting with the right cover.

To enhance ambiance, some businesses integrate lighting or fans into their deck covers. Lights add warmth to evenings outdoors, while fans keep air circulating during hot days.

Top Providers in New Orleans

Best Coverings Near NOLA

Choosing the perfect patio cover can enhance your outdoor area. In New Orleans, there are top-notch manufacturers and installers known for their high-quality work and excellent customer service. They provide various designs that are both stylish and durable.

Customers appreciate these companies for offering affordable options that don’t sacrifice looks for functionality. Whether it’s a basic awning or a fancy pergola you’re after, these experts make the selection process smooth. Their knowledge also guarantees your space looks amazing and withstands New Orleans’ tough weather.

Sponsored Results

Our curated list features premium patio cover providers in the New Orleans area known for their exceptional work:

  • Elite Patio Solutions: Offers exclusive deals and discounts through sponsored partnerships.
  • New Orleans Shade Masters: Known for quick turnaround times and high-quality materials.

Commercial Patio Cover Craftsmanship Tailor-Fit For Your Business

Investing in a custom commercial patio cover is more than just an upgrade; it shows your commitment to quality and detail. Our team focuses on crafting a product that fits your business’s specific needs and style, making your outdoor space both useful and attractive.

Boost your business’s image and leave a lasting impression on clients and visitors. Transform your outdoor area into a standout part of your brand with our help. Contact Turnkey Fences now to get started on your custom patio cover.

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