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Transform Your Outdoor Place Into a Beautiful Space With Our Expert Patio Cover Installation Services

TurnKey Fences understands that a patio is more than just a backyard addition. It is the central space for outdoor living, where people come together to share laughter and stories. We specialize in installing patio covers to transform your outdoor area into a cozy retreat, adding comfort and value to your home.

Count on our experienced team to upgrade your outdoor space with style and durability, making sure that every moment spent outside is both safe and elegant. TurnKey Fences offers a perfect blend of functionality and beauty for your outdoor space. Contact us today!

Types of Patio Covers Suitable for New Orleans Weather

New Orleans is known for its unique blend of weather conditions, ranging from intense sun to heavy rainfall. Selecting the right patio cover is essential to ensure comfort and durability in this vibrant city’s ever-changing climate.

Metal Roofs

Metal patio covers are a durable option. They withstand the heavy rain and winds that New Orleans often experiences. Aluminum, in particular, is rust-resistant and requires little maintenance. It reflects sunlight, keeping the area cool.

A metal cover can also be stylish. Manufacturers offer various colors and designs to match your home’s exterior.

Canvas Awnings

Canvas awnings provide flexible protection from sun and rain. You can retract them when not needed or extend them during harsh weather. This adaptability makes them perfect for New Orleans’ unpredictable climate.

They are less durable than metal but can be replaced easily if damaged by severe weather events like hurricanes.

Wooden Structures

beautiful patio deckWooden patio covers create a natural look that many homeowners love. With proper treatment, wood can resist rotting in humid conditions typical of New Orleans.

However, they need regular maintenance to stay strong against termites and moisture damage.

Choose cedar or redwood for their natural resistance to decay.

Our Patio Cover Installation Process

Installing a patio cover can transform your outdoor space, providing shade and style. Our process ensures that your new addition is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

1. Planning Design

We start by crafting a plan. This involves choosing a style that complements your home and withstands local weather, as discussed in previous sections. We consider dimensions, materials, and personal preferences.

Next, we gather all the necessary materials and tools. Quality is key to ensure longevity and resistance to elements like New Orleans’ humidity.

2. Site Preparation

Before installation begins, the site must be prepped. We clear the area of debris and level the ground for a solid foundation.

Safety checks are vital during this phase to prevent future issues.

3. Support Posts

Installing support posts is our next step. These are crucial for a sturdy structure; they bear most of the weight of your patio cover.

We dig holes, set posts in concrete, then allow them time to cure properly.

4. Beams Headers

Once supports are secure, we install beams and headers. They form the framework which holds up the roof structure of your patio cover.

Precision in alignment ensures an even load distribution across all posts.

5. Roof Structure

The rafters or roof structures come next. They provide shape to your patio cover and support for roofing material.

Correct spacing between rafters is essential for stability under various weather conditions.

6. Roofing Material

Applying roofing material follows structural work. Options vary from shingles matching your home’s roof to metal sheets or transparent panels letting light through.

Proper installation guarantees no leaks or drafts will occur over time.

7. Final Touches

Finishing touches include trimmings around edges or painting wooden structures.

These details add aesthetic value while protecting against wear from exposure.

After that, you check everything to make sure it’s stable and safe. You ensure all screws are tight and joints are well sealed, with no wobbling anywhere before declaring the construction complete!

Finally, comes landscaping around the new addition plus adding furniture—transforming the space into an outdoor haven ready for enjoyment!

Benefits of a Patio Cover

  • Enhanced Comfort

Ielegant patio decknstalling a patio cover significantly increases your outdoor comfort. It shields you from harsh sunlight and unexpected rain, making the patio usable year-round. Imagine relaxing outside on a hot day without worrying about sunburns or moving indoors when it starts to sprinkle.

A covered patio serves as an extension of your living space. It’s perfect for hosting barbecues, family gatherings, or simply enjoying quiet time outdoors. The added shade can also keep your home cooler by blocking direct sunlight from windows nearby.

  • Increased Value

Adding a patio cover to your property can boost its overall value. Homes with well-designed outdoor areas often attract more interest from potential buyers. A stylish and functional patio cover could make your home stand out in the real estate market.

Not only does it enhance curb appeal, but it also showcases thoughtful investment in the property’s usability and aesthetic appeal. This addition tells prospective buyers that they’re getting more than just a house—they’re getting a lifestyle upgrade.

  • Low Maintenance

Patio covers are designed for durability and require minimal upkeep. Materials like aluminum or vinyl resist rusting and decay better than wood, which may need frequent staining or sealing to maintain its appearance over time.

With low maintenance requirements, homeowners save both time and money in the long run—no need for constant touch-ups or repairs due to weather damage.

What to Include in Your Patio Cover

Material Choices

Patio covers come in various materials. Each has its benefits. Wood offers a classic look but needs regular maintenance. Aluminum is lightweight and low-maintenance. Vinyl resists weather damage and is easy to clean.

  • Wood: Classic aesthetic, customizable.
  • Aluminum: Durable, minimal upkeep.
  • Vinyl: Weather-resistant, simple cleaning process.

Choose based on your climate and style preference.

Design Elements

The design of your patio cover should complement your home’s architecture. Consider the roof style—flat or pitched—and whether you want it attached to your home or as a standalone structure. Additions like ceiling fans or skylights can enhance comfort and aesthetics.

A flat roof blends with modern homes while a pitched one suits traditional styles. Consider:

  • Roof Style: Flat for modern looks; pitched for classic appeal.
  • Attachments: Fans for airflow; skylights for natural light.

Match these elements with your lifestyle needs and personal taste.

Professional Installation

Hiring professional patio cover installation services ensures safety and quality workmanship. They can advise on permits needed and ensure the structure withstands local weather conditions. A pro will handle all aspects from design to completion efficiently.

Pros bring expertise in:

  1. Permit navigation
  2. Customized design solutions
  3. Quality construction practices

Investing in expert services saves time and future repair costs.

Additional Services We Offer

Gate Installation

After choosing the perfect patio cover, consider enhancing your outdoor space with a new gate. Our team installs gates that match any style. From classic wooden designs to modern metal frames, we ensure security and aesthetic appeal.

A solid gate can provide privacy for those cozy patio evenings. It also keeps pets and kids safe while playing outside.

Fence Building

Fences are more than just boundaries; they contribute to the overall look of your home. We build fences that stand the test of time, using materials like wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Each option offers different benefits:

  • Wood: Natural look, customizable.
  • Vinyl: Low maintenance, durable.
  • Aluminum: Elegant design, rust-resistant.

Our fence-building service pairs well with patio cover installation services to give a cohesive feel to your outdoor area.

Deck Construction

Outdoor decks create additional living space for entertainment or relaxation. Our construction ensures every deck is sturdy and complements your home’s exterior. A deck can be a stage for family barbecues or a quiet retreat.

We use materials suited for all seasons so you can enjoy your deck year-round without excessive upkeep.

Kitchen Outdoors

Imagine cooking under the stars in an outdoor kitchen designed by us. These kitchens increase residential value and transform how you host gatherings. They’re custom-built to fit any patio size and include features like grills and counterspaces.

An outdoor kitchen is ideal next to a covered patio where guests can lounge comfortably no matter the weather.

Pergola Crafting

Pergolas offer shade with style on sunny days—perfect alongside our patio cover installation services. They add character with their open-lattice roofs and unique columns or posts supporting them from below.

Choose from various materials such as cedar or vinyl that suit both preference and climate conditions in your area.

Partner With TurnKey Fences for Your Patio Cover Installation

Expert Team

Our team at TurnKey Fences specializes in patio cover installations. We bring expertise and precision to every project. Our professionals understand the importance of a well-installed patio cover.

They ensure your outdoor space is both functional and stylish. Our workers are trained to handle different materials, from wood to aluminum. They tailor each installation to meet your unique needs.

Quality Materials

We use only top-quality materials for our patio covers. Durability and aesthetics go hand-in-hand with our selections. Choose from a variety of options that best suit your home’s style.

Our materials resist weather damage, ensuring longevity for your investment.

Custom Designs

TurnKey Fences offers custom design solutions for your patio covers. We work closely with you to match the cover with your home’s architecture.

Each design reflects personal taste while enhancing functionality. We offer various styles, from modern minimalist to classic elegance.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority at TurnKey Fences. We listen carefully to what you want and need.

Our goal is not just meeting but exceeding expectations in service quality.

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