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Premier Fence Contractor Serving Covington, LA

In Covington TurnKey Fences is a top fence contractor known for quality and customer satisfaction. We build fences that provide security and improve property looks. Whether it’s for privacy or decoration, we offer custom solutions to meet each homeowner’s needs. TurnKey Fences is recognized for outstanding fencing services in Covington.

Types of Fences

In Covington, people can pick from many fence types to make their homes or businesses safer, more private, and nicer looking. The perfect fence can set property lines, decorate, or improve how your home looks from the street. Our range of fences includes:

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences add style and last long. A Covington fence contractor installs them expertly. They know local building codes well. This means your wrought iron will meet all regulations. Your project’s timeline is managed efficiently, too. These fences are strong and last many years. But they can be costly due to their material and craftsmanship.

Chain Link

Chain link fences are durable and common, but they require consistent maintenance to avoid rust and maintain their appearance.


Vinyl fencing is a cost-effective option for homeowners on a budget. It secures your area while still providing visibility through the slats or pickets. Vinyl fences are also quick to install compared to other materials like wood or iron.


Wooden fences have low maintenance needs if treated properly from the start. They stand up well against weather changes and pests with the right treatment. You can pick different styles to suit your home’s look. But over time, wood may rot or warp if not maintained correctly.


Aluminum fences blend well with nature and can be designed to give your property a unique look. This type of fence does require periodic sealing or staining though. It keeps it protected from elements like rain or sun damage.

Our Services

As Covington’s leading fence contractor, we offer a wide variety of services to fulfill all your fencing requirements. We’ll walk you through our offerings, ensuring every detail meets your satisfaction.

Residential Solutions

Privacy Fences

In Covington, a privacy fence is a practical option for homeowners. It’s light, doesn’t rust, and has the classy appearance of wrought iron without being expensive. These fences can fit any land shape, even sloped ones, without losing their good looks or usefulness. This means you can have a nice fence that works well no matter your budget or yard shape.

Tailored Design

Custom fence designs are crucial for privacy and noise reduction in your yard. They can be made from wood, vinyl, or low-maintenance composites to match your style preferences in Covington.

Commercial Services

Security Fences

In Covington, companies need security fences that fit their specific needs. A skilled fence contractor can create custom fences that not only look good but also match the business’s style and provide protection. They can add special designs and make sure the fence is practical and secure.

Custom Solutions

Businesses need better security than homes, so companies offer special fences with anti-climb features, advanced locks, and alarms to keep out trespassers. These are important for businesses that require more protection.

Installation Costs

When you hire a fence contractor in Covington the cost will vary. It depends on several factors. The type of material you choose is important. Wood may be less costly than iron or vinyl. The height and length of your fence also affect the price.

For example, a tall privacy fence will cost more than a short decorative one. Labor costs are part of the total expense too. They can differ based on how complex the installation is.

The area where you want your fence plays a role in pricing as well:

  • Flat land is easier to build on than sloped terrain.
  • Hard-to-reach areas may increase labor time and thus costs.

Why Choose Us

Our team at TurnKey Fences is highly skilled in fence installation. We work with a variety of materials and design complexities. Our expertise extends to the specific needs of Covington residents. The labor market rates here influence our services. Yet, we strive to offer competitive pricing.

Fence installation demands can change with seasons. We adapt quickly to these shifts. This ensures that your project stays on track regardless of the time of year.

We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else at TurnKey Fences. Our contractors have years of experience in the field. They deliver quality workmanship consistently.

Local zoning laws are something we’re familiar with too.

  1. We make sure your fence meets all legal requirements.
  2. Avoiding fines or having to redo work saves you both time and money.

Call Us Today for Your Fence Installation

We offer many services to make your property safer and look better. Our team works hard from start to finish to give great quality and service. If you want privacy, safety, or to beautify your yard, our fences are built to last. Contact us to put up your fence in Covington.

All About Covington, LA

Covington Overview

Covington, Louisiana, is a picturesque city by Lake Pontchartrain with a deep history and vibrant arts scene. It has galleries and public art highlighting local talent, and its historic downtown is packed with antique stores and boutiques.

Covington has lots of delicious food, including Southern and international dishes. Visitors can enjoy peaceful nature trails or walk through the charming streets, experiencing the town’s welcoming vibe and elegant touch.

  • Walk around the old downtown area, check out stores, and try some local food.
  • Check out the Covington Trailhead Museum to discover the city’s past.
  • Visit Bogue Falaya Park for outdoor activities such as picnics and kayaking.
  • Visit Fuhrmann Auditorium to enjoy and learn from cultural events.
  • Participate in annual events like the Three Rivers Art Festival.
  • Ian Somerhalder, an actor known for his role in “The Vampire Diaries”
  • Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, a renowned blues musician
  • Ellen DeGeneres, from Madisonville, frequently talks about her childhood near Covington on her TV show.
  • John Preble, artist, and founder of the Abita Mystery House/UFO Museum resides nearby.
  • Patricia Clarkson, an award-winning actress

Founded in 1813 and named after War of 1812 hero General Leonard Covington, Covington has a diverse history shaped by French, African, Spanish, and Native American cultures.

Today, it’s known for its lively arts scene, featuring many local galleries. The city also celebrates creativity with its annual Three Rivers Art Festival, attracting artists from different places.

  • Covington offers residents and visitors bus services as a public transportation option. These buses connect various parts of the city. They are a reliable way to get around town.
  • Another popular mode of transport is ride-sharing services. Apps like Uber and Lyft operate in Covington, providing rides on demand.
  • In Covington, you can catch a traditional taxi either by waving one down on the street or by calling to book one.