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Get Professional Installation Services for Residential Outdoor Kitchens in New Orleans

Transform your backyard into a culinary paradise with top-notch residential outdoor kitchen installation services in New Orleans. Imagine enjoying the sizzle of steaks and the tempting aroma of spices in your own private oasis, without the need to cook indoors during hot summer months. Our experts at TurnKey Fences create custom outdoor cooking areas that perfectly match your lifestyle, making home entertainment even better. With us, it’s not just about grilling; it’s about creating memories under open skies.

Expert Outdoor Kitchen Installation Services

outdoor kitchen with stoveOur team at TurnKey Fences recognizes the uniqueness of each outdoor space. We offer a variety of customizable options for your outdoor kitchen.

We bring years of expertise in designing and installing diverse types of kitchens. Whether you desire a simple BBQ island or an elaborate full-service kitchen, we cater to all needs. Our use of premium materials ensures durability and aesthetics in our installations.

In constructing your dream outdoor kitchen, we select only top-tier materials like natural stone, stainless steel, and glass doors.

Our cabinets come in styles ranging from classic wood-fired to modern stucco finishes. They are designed not just for looks but also for lasting through New Orleans’ weather conditions. The choice is wide, including stone veneer finishes that blend perfectly with any backyard landscape.

A collection of high-quality appliances is available to complete your outdoor culinary experience.

Choose from efficient gas grills, versatile cooktops, or traditional wood-burning stoves. These appliances integrate seamlessly into the design while offering you the functionality needed for entertaining or family meals outdoors.

We back our installation services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because trust is key to what we do.

You can count on us for exceptional service and craftsmanship throughout New Orleans. Every project reflects our commitment to excellence as we stand firmly behind our workmanship.

Our Outdoor Kitchen Installation Process

1. Initial Planning

Our installation service begins with thorough planning. We discuss your vision and needs for the outdoor space. We consider the size, location, and how you plan to use the kitchen.

  • Assessing space availability
  • Understanding client preferences
  • Determining budget constraints

We then move on to create a project timeline that suits you best.

2. Design Phase

Next is designing your dream outdoor kitchen. Here we select materials and layout designs that blend with your home’s exterior.

  • Choosing durable materials
  • Layout for optimal functionality

We ensure every detail reflects your style while maintaining practicality for New Orleans’ climate.

3. Utilities Setup

Setting up utilities is essential. We focus on:

  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical wiring

These services are provided by licensed professionals who follow local codes strictly.

4. Framework Creation

We build a strong frame to support all elements of your kitchen. This includes:

  • Durable construction materials
  • Weather-resistant techniques

The frame ensures longevity against New Orleans weather conditions.

5. Appliance Fitting

Appliances are installed next, prioritizing efficiency and ease of use. We install everything from grills to refrigerators, ensuring they are ready for action.

Each appliance is tested thoroughly before proceeding further in the process.

6. Countertops & Surfaces

Countertops come after appliances. Choices include:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Concrete

All surfaces are sealed properly to withstand outdoor elements.

7. Storage Solutions

Storage spaces and cabinetry provide convenience and organization in your outdoor kitchen.

Cabinets are customized based on what you’ll store and how often you’ll use them.

8. Final Accents

Finishing touches give character to your new space.

This includes lighting fixtures or decorative elements that match New Orleans’ vibrant culture.

9. Safety Measures

Safety considerations remain paramount throughout our installation process.

Fire safety features are incorporated into design plans from day one.

10. Quality Check

Finally, we conduct a final inspection ensuring everything meets our high standards as well as yours.

If any issues arise, they’re addressed promptly before the completion of the project.

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor summer kitchen with barbecue and sinkAn outdoor kitchen is not only for grilling. It is a place to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. By combining culinary function with the beauty of nature, it creates an inviting atmosphere for gatherings and family meals.

Increased Value

Outdoor kitchens can significantly boost your home’s value. They can turn ordinary backyards into attractive and functional living areas. In New Orleans, where the weather often permits outdoor activities, a kitchen outside becomes a smart investment.

Homes with outdoor kitchens often sell for more. This is due to their appeal and functionality. Think about grilling with friends on a warm evening or enjoying family dinners under the stars.

Enhanced Entertainment

An outdoor kitchen is perfect for hosting events or simple family gatherings. It keeps guests outdoors, making social events more spacious and enjoyable.

You don’t miss out on conversations while preparing food. Everyone can gather around the grill or sit at an outdoor dining table together.

Healthier Living

Cooking outside can lead to healthier eating habits. Grilled foods contain less fat compared to pan-fried items.

Fresh air improves overall well-being too. Families tend to spend more time outdoors when they have an inviting space like this.

What to Include in Your Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen combines cooking and nature, giving you a special culinary experience in your backyard. Consider the important elements to make your outdoor cooking area functional and enjoyable before starting the project.

Essential Appliances

When planning your outdoor kitchen, selecting appliances is key. You need a grill or smoker as the centerpiece. It’s where you’ll cook most of your meals. Consider adding a side burner for sauces and sides.

A refrigerator keeps ingredients fresh and drinks cold. Don’t forget storage space for tools and utensils. This helps keep your workspace organized.

Weather-Resistant Materials

Your outdoor kitchen must withstand New Orleans’ weather. Use stainless steel for durability against rain and humidity. Countertops should be from stone or tile that resists heat and water damage.

Cabinetry needs to be waterproof too. Choose materials like marine-grade polymer to prevent warping or rotting over time.

Comfort Features

To truly enjoy your space, add comfort features like seating areas or bar stools around an island counter. Install lighting for evening gatherings. Consider a pergola or canopy for shade on sunny days. These elements turn a cooking space into an entertainment area.

Additional Services We Offer

We offer additional services to complement our main offerings. These services are designed to improve your experience and meet your specific needs. These additional options are thoughtfully curated to provide comprehensive support and convenience for our valued clients.

Gates Installation and Repair

Our team excels in gate installation and repair. Whether you need a new gate for security or style, we’ve got you covered. Our repairs ensure your gates function smoothly.

We work with various materials and designs. Your gate will match your home’s aesthetic. Trust us to deliver reliable service.

Fence Repair and Installation of Any Type

We provide comprehensive fence repair and installation services. A sturdy fence is crucial for privacy and safety.

Choose from wood, vinyl, iron, or other materials. We install fences that withstand New Orleans’ weather while enhancing your property’s look.

Outdoor Decks

Our outdoor decks are perfect for entertainment or relaxation. We handle both deck installation and repair with precision.

Decks add value to homes by extending living spaces outdoors. Our craftsmanship ensures longevity and beauty in our deck projects.

Kitchen Enhancements

Following an outdoor kitchen plan? Our outdoor kitchen installation includes custom-builds designed to fit any space perfectly.

We also offer expert repairs if needed. Enjoy seamless integration of appliances and fixtures with our professional touch.

Patio Covers

beautiful patio deckEnhance comfort with our patio cover installation services in New Orleans. These structures protect against sun and rain.

Our patio covers blend with existing architecture seamlessly—experience increased functionality without sacrificing style.


Add elegance with pergolas crafted by our experts—ideal for gardens or as standalone features.

Pergolas create inviting outdoor areas while offering partial shade—a balance of openness and protection.

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Choosing the right company for your outdoor kitchen installation is an important decision that can greatly improve your home entertainment experience. We are the top choice for bringing your outdoor culinary vision to life, providing unmatched expertise and a dedication to excellence.

Expert Craftsmanship

TurnKey Fences is known for expert craftsmanship. Our team has years of experience in creating beautiful, functional outdoor kitchens. We focus on quality materials that withstand New Orleans’ weather.

Our work reflects attention to detail. We build with precision and care. This ensures your kitchen lasts for years.

Personalized Design

We offer personalized design services. Each project starts with understanding your vision and needs. Then we craft a unique space just for you.

Your style preferences matter to us. From classic to modern designs, we make it happen.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at TurnKey Fences. We listen to your ideas and provide professional guidance every step of the way.

You can trust us to deliver exceptional results on time and within budget.

Closing Thoughts

Your home deserves the ultimate upgrade, and with our specialized outdoor kitchen installation services in New Orleans, that dream becomes a reality. We’ve laid out the seamless process, the undeniable benefits, and the diverse options you can choose from to tailor your outdoor culinary space. Trust us to deliver because we’re not just builders; we’re creators of memories.

Don’t let another bland barbecue season pass you by. Seize the moment, elevate your entertaining game, and indulge in the luxury of convenience. Contact us now—your bespoke outdoor kitchen awaits. It’s time to live the good life, right in your backyard. Let’s make it happen together.

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